Divide & Move Perennials

perennial garden

Move perennials in spring or fall Fall’s a good time to move perennials before the leaves cover everything and the ground freezes solid enough to break your spade. Some overgrown plants may need to move to the compost pile while others just may need a change of

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Crabgrass: the best prevention is a full and thick lawn


How to Prevent Crabgrass The best prevention for crabgrass is to provide such great growing conditions that the turf crowds it out. Crabgrass is an annual strain of wild grass (a new plant will grow from seed each year). Seeds travel in the wind and are transported

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The Invasive Gypsy Moth (Lymantria dispar)

gypsy moth

Gypsy Moth levels have been monitored since the last serious outbreak in the early 1990’s. Survey results from this past winter indicate that the Moth is once again making a comeback. It is hoped that due to the below minus 15 degrees Celsius temperatures experienced in the

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Gift Certificates from Dutch Style Landscaping

gift certificates

Gift Certificates are now available from Dutch Style Landscaping Property Services Division. They are the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays and Xmas! Have you used Dutch Style Landscaping’s Property Maintenance Services before? Share your experience with family or friends. How about buying a gift

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Lawn Weed Program

lawn weed program

Eco-Friendly Lawn Weed Program Our 2013 Lawn Weed Control Program is now underway. We offer “Fiesta“, a natural alternative to traditional chemical herbicides. It is designed to target broadleaf weeds and is guaranteed to control* or suppress the following weeds: black medic bull thistle Canadian thistle common

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White Grubs

grub control service aurora

White Grubs in Your Lawn? White grubs are common pests of lawns and turf grasses in Ontario. The white grubs are the larval stage of three species of beetles (the June beetle or June bug, the European chafer and the Japanese beetle), which feed on the roots

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Why is it Important to Dethatch & Overseed?

lawn care service toronto

Why is it important to dethatch and overseed Dethatching and Overseeding Dethatching is a turf renovation process necessary due to excessive thatch build-up. Thatch Thatch is a layer of decaying matter (usually grass stems and roots) that is present between your green grass layer and the surface

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Know how you can choose a landscape designer

landscaper designer

Choosing a Landscape Designer If you your home is not landscaped, consider having a design created. A beautiful and well-maintained landscape in front of the house not only looks good but enhances the overall beauty of the house. No matter whether you create a small or large

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Dutch Style is a Greener Work Place

green work place

Dutch Style is a Greener Work Place Dutch Style Landscaping has taken steps to minimize our environmental impact at the office, but still we aren’t satisfied. Dutch Style Landscaping promotes the implementation of fundamental cultural techniques along with top quality, proven organic, organic based and natural products

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Now Pay Online

pay online

With our new Pay Online feature, you can easily and quickly pay your “Dutch Style Landscaping Property Services” bill online, from the comfort of your home. Just click on Pay Online in features tab or the Green Leaf and use your credit or debit card to pay

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