Water Restriction Info

Water Restriction Information Our Lawn Watering Guide is provided as a helpful resource only-always confirm with your local municipality as rules change from time to time. The following websites may help you understand how to water your lawn during a water restrictions & watering bans: York Region

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Lawn Weed Program

lawn weed program

Eco-Friendly Lawn Weed Program Our 2013 Lawn Weed Control Program is now underway. We offer “Fiesta“, a natural alternative to traditional chemical herbicides. It is designed to target broadleaf weeds and is guaranteed to control* or suppress the following weeds: black medic bull thistle Canadian thistle common

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Why is it Important to Dethatch & Overseed?

lawn care service toronto

Why is it important to dethatch and overseed Dethatching and Overseeding Dethatching is a turf renovation process necessary due to excessive thatch build-up. Thatch Thatch is a layer of decaying matter (usually grass stems and roots) that is present between your green grass layer and the surface

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