Why is it important to dethatch and overseed

dethatch and overseed
Dethatching and Overseeding

Dethatching is a turf renovation process necessary due to excessive thatch build-up.


dethatch and overseedThatch is a layer of decaying matter (usually grass stems and roots) that is present between your green grass layer and the surface soil of your lawn. If thatch is heavy, nutrients from your fertilizer and water have difficulty reaching the roots of the grass. Thatch also provides a home for unwanted insects in your lawn. Mid-March through early April (depending on the weather) is an excellent time to dethatch your lawn, so is late August to September.


overseedlawn in springOnce dethatching is complete, conditions are ideal to overseed the lawn. Overseeding in spring or fall will promote a thicker, healthier lawn that has better defenses against disease, insects and weeds.

After dethatching, seeding, and fertilizing it is important that irrigation systems or sprinklers are maintaining about 1″ of water weekly.

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