Garden Beds & Planting

The plants and shrubbery or trees incorporated in a landscape design are two of the most important elements in creating the overall appearance and longevity of a yard. Proper planning ensures colorful blooms throughout each season and will create enjoyment and visual appeal all year long.

What to consider when designing a garden

Gardens are designed to compliment all elements of the overall landscape design project, such as water features and stone work. Our designs pay particular attention to the placement of plants in relation to sun, shade, soil and the appropriate climate hardiness. Dutch Style Landscaping takes the following into account when designing:

  • garden bed

    What is the garden for?

    Knowing what purpose the garden will have is the foundation of any landscape project. Is it for growing fruits and vegetables? Do you plan to use it in order to bring color to your yard? Are you having a gazebo built and the garden is going to accentuate the path to it? Perhaps what you are looking for is to have the scent of flowers surround your property? All of these purposes require very different layouts for the garden in question.

  • soil

    What is the current grade of your soil?

    Depending on what you are looking to cultivate, the soil will need to be a certain grade. It is important to test the soil of your property to see what needs to be added.

  • sun light

    Is there enough light?

    Depending on the plants you are looking to grow, you will need more or less sunlight. To achieve the right amount of sun you may need to change the placement of your garden or remove obstacles which are preventing adequate sun access.

These are only a few of the considerations which Dutch Style Landscaping takes into account when designing a garden.

If you know that you would like a garden but are unsure of the other details, that is not a problem. We will come to your property, survey the green space, and suggest a number of different options which your property offers.

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