Eco-Friendly Lawn Weed Program

lawn weed program

Our 2013 Lawn Weed Control Program is now underway. We offer “Fiesta“, a natural alternative to traditional chemical herbicides. It is designed to target broadleaf weeds and is guaranteed to control* or suppress the following weeds:

  • black medic
  • bull thistle
  • Canadian thistle
  • common chickweed
  • creeping buttercup
  • dandelion
  • doves-foot geranium
  • English daisy
  • false dandelion
  • lawn burweed
  • narrow-leaved plantain
  • slender speedwell
  • white clover

The spray is safe for humans and animal; however, we recommend that you do not go on your lawn until it dries (about 3 hours), as it will leave stains in clothing and other light colored materials when wet.

If you would like a quote on the cost of spraying your property with the recommended 2 applications, please contact us by email or call the office at 1-888-436-6220.

If you have already received your spraying quote, don’t forget to call so we can schedule your service.

* Lawn Weed control products are applied in accordance with provincial and local by-laws. Program services may be altered or substituted to comply with provincial regulations and new developments that may provide more effective control.
Weed control does not mean a 100% weed free lawn, instead it means a large reduction in the number of weeds in a lawn, allowing the owner to enjoy and manage their lawn.

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  1. Great alternative to chemical herbicides. I think this method proved out to be very useful for controlling weeds and for creating a wonderful garden. I like your blog as it increases my love towards gardening. Thanks for this knowledgeable information.

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