2024 Spring Cleanups are Just Around the Corner

spring cleanup

It is extremely important to understand that how your yard looks throughout the season is dependent on the initial spring cleanup at the beginning of the season. This is because a maintenance service is designed to maintain the current state of your gardens and landscape in general. The spring cleanup sets the tone for the rest of the season and starts the growing season off right.

Basic services performed in the spring cleanup include: debris removal, garden preparation (edging, weeding and cultivating or turning the mulch), pruning hedges, bushes or ornamental grasses (if required or not performed prior to the winter). Other services that can be performed might include some Softscape Construction items such as adding soil or mulch to gardens, repairing grass turf damaged during the winter, edging of your sidewalk or driveway.

The main focus of our spring cleanup is to prepare your lawn and gardens for the growing season and to prepare it for the weekly maintenance we will be providing for you throughout the entire season. Removing the debris both cleans up the yard and removes any decaying material that may be harboring pathogens and pests that may be harmful to your landscapes plant life.

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