Lawn Weed Program

lawn weed program

Eco-Friendly Lawn Weed Program Our 2013 Lawn Weed Control Program is now underway. We offer “Fiesta“, a natural alternative to traditional chemical herbicides. It is designed to target broadleaf weeds and is guaranteed to control* or suppress the following weeds: black medic bull thistle Canadian thistle common

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Why is it Important to Dethatch & Overseed?

lawn care service toronto

Why is it important to dethatch and overseed Dethatching and Overseeding Dethatching is a turf renovation process necessary due to excessive thatch build-up. Thatch Thatch is a layer of decaying matter (usually grass stems and roots) that is present between your green grass layer and the surface

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Dutch Style is a Greener Work Place

green work place

Dutch Style is a Greener Work Place Dutch Style Landscaping has taken steps to minimize our environmental impact at the office, but still we aren’t satisfied. Dutch Style Landscaping promotes the implementation of fundamental cultural techniques along with top quality, proven organic, organic based and natural products

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